Forex Assassin - Is This System A Scam?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Forex Assassin system just came out few days back and experts are already talking about it. I am sure you must have heard of this system already. Also, you must have heard of a formula that this system contains that helps identify the trade. Many of you might be thinking - Is Forex Assassin really that good as what experts are saying?

Lets look at the this system -

What kind of System is Forex Assassin?

Each forex trading system consists of a trading strategy of a particular category. The primary categories of Trading strategies are -

1. Fundamental analysis based - These kind of systems focus on making pips using fundamental news such as NFP (Non Farm payroll) etc.

2. Technical Analysis based - Most of the systems fall in this category where the trades are made using the technical indicators. There are tons of technical indicators such as Fibonacci, EMAs, candles, MACD etc.

3. Price Driven - Forex Assassin system falls in this category. These systems are based on the theory that particular kind of price movement influence the market to move in a particular way.

What is the Forex Assassin Formula?

This system primarily is based on a formula. This formula recommends the entry and exit points for the next trades to be made based on current price information of the currency pair. Since the formula makes the calculations, this frees up the time of the traders since they don't have to continuously watch the charts. Due to this, the identification of the trades is matter of just minutes because of this formula.

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